Saturday, April 30, 2011

[RPG] 2 Weeks

Half a month. A fortnight. 2 weeks. 14 days.

That's all it takes (sometimes) for something beautiful, expressive, touching and evocative to be born.

In my experience, the quickly born-but amazingly deep works, ideas, concepts and stories are the ones that you have no control over. They take off like a freight train and just keep going until they arrive at their destination- usually your brain all "explodey" with possibility and change.

Some of these monsters take longer and some are shorter. Some are characters, while others are settings, or scenes, or maybe even adventures for those at your maniacal mercy.

I love the fast and furious ideas-how burning they are while they work their way through your head, and how real they are when they are finally birthed.

I'm not ready to share mine - it's a brilliant and sexy concept, but I don't know how to use it yet.

What kind of speed freak ideas do you have that you're willing to share? Where did the idea start? How did you process it while it burned you up? What do you like the most about it?


  1. When you say "real" as in the ideas feel real, I get that sometimes with world of Darkness stuff. It makes sense, I guess, because so many ideas for characters and stories are based on real life people. NPCs seem alive, because they have analogues to people we actually love, like or hate.

    Me? I'm collecting photos of clothes to help me picture the various NPCs of my setting. I love clothes!

  2. The prospect of an RPG system/setting designed around the symbolism of the Tarot and incorporating card flips as its core mechanics for damn near everything. Started as a comment on Zak S.'s blog about using them as random magic item generators and just. keeps. snowballing.