Thursday, November 11, 2010

[Mom Time] Teen Drama- Trying Again

Several months ago- conversation with TheGirl-
I referred to her as a "DramaMamma", which she did not like.
I told her no way can she be a Drama Queen, 'cause
--I-- am the queen in our house.
She pipes up: "Can I at least be a Drama PRINCESS?"

With teens in the house, drama is sure to follow. Most of the drama is pretty tame and easy for me to manage. I actually enjoy some of it, with some teasing and good natured humor thrown in as ammunition against the slings and arrows of angst in the hormone laden set.

The most recent drama in our home revolves around grades, with one child causing some consternation and eyebrow raising. I have given up any semblance of a social life in order to supervise the child in question, as well as administer chores to maximum effect against bad attitude.

The child has had a major schedule rework, with games totally removed until further notice. Games and music are pretty important in our household, and the revoking of such is done seriously and as a last resort.

I have little doubt the foundling will resume schoolwork in the expected fashion shortly, and all will be well soon. Until then, my house is getting very clean.


  1. I myself subscribe to the Dennis Leary Method.

    [crying and a push lawnmower can be heard]

    "Oh the neighbor kids are in therapy again. That lawn looks amazing!"

  2. Wishing you much luck with the drama :-)

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  4. Hmmm...I seem to have left a comment meant for Risus Monkey to you.

    Instead, allow me to say that I respect your effort to keep your kiddos on track. There is no conceivable downside to good grades and good study skill.s :)

  5. Layin' down the law... nice! Best wishes to you with the domestic fun, I'm taking notes to help me with my own little Drama Princess. ; ) Thanks!

  6. I had to be the big bad man tonight with my little girl, sucks to be a parent sometimes.

  7. My mom once said, "the devil should have a daughter." Mind you, she's said the same thing about a son as well, I seem to remember ;)

  8. My parents are teasing me something awful about the "mother's curse", but that's bogus as I was an Honor roll student...

    being a tough minded mom does have rewards, and I know this is worth the trouble in the long run.

  9. Once your house is clean, mind sending any reprimanded children to my house?