Saturday, December 18, 2010

[MtG] Rethinking a Thought Experiment

So Dethtron over at HoP asked the readers to write themselves up as a MtG card. here's his exact wording:

If you got your very own Magic: the Gathering card what would it be?  Design yourself in the context of MtG.  Feel free to link to a picture if you feel it's necessary.  Use standard text notations for your card and be sure to include a casting cost, power/toughness (if you're a creature), special rules you may have, and a quote for the text box on your card.
I made a submission and then realized it wasn't entirely legal, so I changed it. Now I'm thinking about it some more, and I need to change it again.

Here's my original, followed by my correction.

Loquacious 5U
Legendary Lady 3/5

Vigilance (attacking does not cause Lady to tap)

(Kicker)2W (You may Kick as many times as you like)

If Lady was kicked, generate a 2/2 White Minion creature for each time Lady was kicked

T Lady and all Minions become unblockable until end of turn.

"YOU try to stop her!"

I just realized I did that wrong. It should be

2W & sacrifice a Minion Creature- Lady and all Minions become unblockable until end of turn.

(Tapping would defeat unblockable, duh.)

Well, I was close, but no cigar. Here we go, this time for the last time, I hope.

Loquacious 5U
Legendary Lady

Vigilance (attacking does not cause Lady to tap)

(Kicker) 2W (You may kick as many times as you like)

if Lady was Kicked, generate a 1/1 White Minion creature for each time Lady was kicked.

(t) 2W: generate a 1/1 White Minion creature

3W & Sacrifice a Minion Creature- Lady and all Minion creatures become unblockable until end of turn.

"YOU try to stop her!"


I made her as a Legend to avoid a lot of the "destroy target creature" or "creature" specific cards.  I realize that as a Legend, she would work "better" as a White creature rather than a colorless. I mean, she can't be a General in an EDH army because there are white symbols on her card but not in her casting cost.

I sort of did that for a reason- I'm a terribad leader. I am, however, very persuasive when I want to be. I also wanted some insulation from many of the pro (x) cards out there. As a colorless, she would have less to worry about overall.

So, MtG players, (or friends in real life) any thoughts?

And what about your own?


  1. Just to get this set from the start, I'm a bit OCD about certain things and Magic unfortunately happens to be one of them. So take the following advice with a grain of salt- it really, really won't matter for this particular competition, but making cards was a hobby of mine for some time so if I see a design problem I need to get it out.

    1. Legendary creatures don't have any kinds of special protection from creature kill. They die like the rest and even have the additional death clause of the Legend rule. Also unless you want to create a new card type of Lady (which would then be immune to creature kill but would require craptons of rules to be created) the correct format is Legendary creature- Lady

    2. If you just want to make her hard to kill give her Shroud (can't be the target of spells or abilities), protection from... well, anything up to and including everything (hi Progenitus!), Indestructible... the list goes on.

    3. References to the card go by name rather than creature type... though again, for this paticular competition you might not care about that :)

    4. Is there a reason that the activations are all white? They seem like very blue abilities to me though vigilance is more of a white ability. Perhaps switch the activated abilities to blue and her cost to white?

    5. No power/toughness in your final draft, though assuming the 3/5 from the first example.

    OK- I think I got the OCD out. She looks very fun and could be a 2 turn kill in an infinite mana deck which is awesome.

  2. some other things to consider.

    -your "kicker" should be multikicker. it was a new ability from zendikar block i believe.
    -this creature CAN be an EDH "Commander" with the new EDH rules that just came out, she would be a Blue/White Color Commander.
    -your white minions should have a small ability like "Tap - prevent one damage to Loquatus" or "Sacrifice minion - prevent all damage OR regenerate Loquatus"
    - I think Loquatus should have the sub type human, just cause.

    Thanks all I got, but good card, seemingly balanced without play testing.


  3. Max:Why she's white? it's my natural affinity to the color and Minions seem a lot like soldiers to me, which are white as well.

    How do you think the abilities are blue? I mean, generating tokens is fairly green or white as a rule, and sacrificing is almost ALWAYS black... so she has a lot of traits (which was also sort of the point)

    BB: I can never remember kicker/multikicker. sorry, you are right.

    How is she BLUE? Where is there blue on the card?

    I thought about an ability for the Minions (flying.....monkeys. SH!) but worried it was overpowered.

    She's not human! She's a class all her own. =p

    thanks a lot guys. You really have me stumped with the Blue comments, but I appreciate them all the same.